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Don't Hesitate, Take Action

Finding out that your child is facing university disciplinary action or criminal charges can be a difficult and unexpected challenge. No matter how you react initially, though, the most important thing you can do is to take action immediately. No matter the nature of your student’s charges, it’s imperative that you seek counsel from an experienced student defense attorney before moving forward.

You’re already acting too late if your child has:

  • Responded to a university disciplinary letter

  • Attended a conference or meeting involving their conduct violation

  • Undergone a university conduct hearing

Protect Your Child’s Future

Having a tarnished record, suspended license or any of the countless penalties which can accrue from university or criminal violations can damage a student’s potential severely. Grad school applications, loan applications, background checks, and many other career-related stepping stones are all made much more difficult by the presence of criminal charges or university documented discipline.

Students make mistakes, and, while it’s important that they learn from them, they shouldn’t be impeded in their pursuit of success. If your student is facing any form of university or criminal charges, Auburn Student Defense is here to help.

We Have Experience

The attorneys of Auburn Student Defense are committed to the Auburn community and have been defending students effectively for years. As a locally operating team of Auburn alumni, including a former professor, we’ve had direct and consistent experience working with the university, local law enforcement, and the local courts. Having seen it all before, we know what it takes to build an effective defense in a variety of circumstances; all with the purpose of protecting your student’s rights, reputation, and future.

Criminal Law

On our staff we have a retired circuit judge and lawyers with experience as prosecutors, defense attorneys, and college criminal law instructors who can help you move on to a better future.  From Traffic Court and DUI’s to Felony Charges, put our experience to work for you.

Our practice includes Auburn City Court and Courts in Lee, Chambers, Tallapoosa, Russell, and Macon Counties.  We work with youthful offenders and college students.  Whether you’re facing jail or seeking deferred prosecution, we’ll help you find peace again.

Representing those charged with: DUI (driving under the influence)Public Intoxication, Alcohol Related Charges, Marijuana and Drug Charges, Traffic Offenses, Theft, Burglary, Robbery and other Misdemeanors and Felonies.


"Mom...Dad...I understand that when things go wrong for your kids and time is of the essence it may not happen during typical business hours. That's why I am offering you my personal cell phone number. Being able to reach me immediately day or night gives you the help your kids need without delay."

~ Jeff Tickal


Attorney Jeff Tickal


In addition to being an attorney, I am also a graduate of the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering at Auburn University. After law school, I taught at Auburn as a full-time professor from 2000-2005 in the College of Architectural Design and Construction. During that time I began representing a number of my students who were charged with criminal offenses in both the Auburn Municipal Court and Lee County District Court. Today, I also publish articles and give presentations to a number of fraternities and student groups regarding these issues. My most popular seminar is “The Top Ten Things That Will Get You Arrested at Auburn,” which explains the reality of some of the most common legal issues that Auburn students experience.

Besides my professional and academic ties to the University, I am also a parent with students who attend Auburn. My experiences with my own children allow me to anticipate parents’ concerns when they discover their child has been charged with a criminal offense or received a disciplinary notice from the university. Both of these cases can be life-changing events which require immediate action, so I make myself available to both my clients and their parents 24/7. Feel free to call me to discuss any issue you have regarding your child, even in the middle of the night. If I can answer any questions that might alleviate your concerns, I am happy to do so. The best number to contact me during normal business hours is at my law office at 334-737-3733. However, if you wish to reach me after hours regarding an issue involving your child, you are welcome to call me on my cell phone at 334-444-4033. It is not uncommon for me to talk to parents in the early hours of the morning or late at night, if only to alleviate their concerns and answer their questions about what to expect from the upcoming process.